A pillow for my little girl

Posted by on Sep 5, 2011 in Blog

It is amazing to me how quickly time passes after having a baby. When Lila was first born, people would say that to me and it didn’t make any sense. I felt every freakin’ sleep deprived second of that first year, but once she she started sleeping through the night, time started speeding up.  Suddenly, I am only two months away from her second birthday and making her a pillow for her crib.

She seems ready for one and I was able to find a very small, very flat pillow at Ikea. And of course, I had to use Birch’s Wildflowers print. It is so soft and so cute. I made the cuff out of Cobblestone Stripes and used the Seahorses for an accent.


Since Lila’s room is super dark, I included a second picture of the pillowcase outside to show off the true colors.

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