Errata & Updates

I absolutely hate to have an Errata page, but unfortunately, sometimes little mistakes happen in the first round of printing. Luckily, I have had some very sweet, patient customers let me know about the problems and I have corrected them immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes the patterns are already in the stream of commerce by the time the mistake is caught. I have set up this page so customers can check and see if there are any updates to their patterns.

In the early copies of Grand Junction, the measurement on Template G is incorrect. The measurement should be 8″ x 2″, not 7 3/4″ x 2″. The measurements in the pattern instructions are correct. Also in earlier copies of Grand Junction, the cutting requirements for the Full/Queen version should read as follows:

For Template B, D and F, cut 22 pieces of each from Blue School, 20 pieces of each from Sly Fox, 22 pieces of each from Quail Run, 20 pieces of each from Squirrel Run, 22 pieces of each from Shroom, and 22 pieces of each of Mahogany.

In the early copies of Flag Day, in the Crib Color Diagram, the second to last column should alternate between 1 and 2 and not only be listed as 1s.

If you have an early copy of either of the patterns, please contact me and I will send you a corrected version immediately.

I am so sorry if either of these mistakes have inconvenienced anyone. If you have purchased an earlier version of these patterns, please contact me for a corrected copy.


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