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Since there is no way I would be able to find the time to get individual posts for all the projects I did during the last couple of months of 2010, here is one big, mega post of projects galore.

Here is a sample apron I made for a sewing class that I offered at Birch Fabrics.
Here is a sample skirt for another sewing class I taught at Birch.
Here is a quilt I made as a thank you present for our friend who let my husband stay with him for both of his trips back to NYC. Being nice enough to have a friend crash in your studio twice warrants a quilt. And maybe some matching throw pillows…
In honor of all the teething going on around Halloween, it only seemed fitting that Lila dress up as a vampire. I made her a little cape, a stuffed bat and appliqued some “blood” drops on her tunic.
I made this lovely dress and jacket and blogged about it over here.
I made this tote with a matching mini-purse for a friend’s birthday.

I made us all new stockings based on the pattern and tutorial I created here.
I made this little cutie and blogged about it here.
And finally, one of the many sets of pot holders I made for holiday presents.

Sadly, I didn’t photograph most of my holiday presents because I was too busy sewing and mailing. They were all super cute, but you will just have to take my word on it.

So goodbye 2010 and hello 2011, a year of crafting and blogging!

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  1. ciao Melissa!!!!
    Come state?Mamma mia la bimba รจ cresciuta tantissimo!
    Tanti baci ELisa

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