A Picnic Quilt

Posted by on Jun 17, 2011 in Blog

I have been collecting vintage sheets for a while now, with the idea that I could use them to make simple picnic quilts. I wanted to keep the piecing of the quilt tops simple enough that it wouldn’t make me too anxious to actually use them.

This quilt is big – 75″ x 75″, made up of 25 15″ blocks. This quilt is perfect for lying on the beach and has plenty of room for a lot of friends, but it is really big. Next time, I will definitely make the blocks smaller so the finished quilt is closer to 60″ square. That seems a more manageable size.

After I bind it, I am going to play around with making a carrier for it that involves velcro and a shoulder strap.

The yellows in the prints came out a little muted. Once this baby is finished, I will do a proper photo shoot outside.


  1. So great!! I love the colors. And I would love to lay on it next to you and your family! miss you! xoxo

  2. Bigger is better when it comes to picnic quilts!

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