An Amazing Tatami Mat Quilt With Charley Harper Fabrics!

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Blog

I received the best email today from a lovely lady who made a Tatami Mat quilt with Birch’s Charley Harper fabrics. Lynn was kind enough to send me pictures of her finished quilt and I am just totally blown away with what she made. She also tweaked the pattern and skipped the narrow white sashing. But why am I even writing about the quilt. Just see for yourself!

The quilt was quilted by the super talented Nancy Stovall in Portland, OR. That lady is so talented!

Thank you, Lynn! You made my day by sharing your gorgeous work.

Tatami Mat - CH


Tatami Mat close up


Tatami Mat CH flat


Tatami Mat QuiltBack

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  1. Thank you, Melissa, for displaying my quilt on your blog! Your Tatami Mat Pattern inspired me!

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