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A couple of years ago I happened to be in Denver and checking out the local fabric shops when I was introduced to one of the loveliest people ever. Seriously. It turns out, the gorgeous, charming and genuinely kind person was a crafting and quilting dynamo; the one and only Amy Gibson of Stichery Dickory Dock. I am laying this all out up front because this post is super biased and I want everyone to know. Amy has written a book that completely matches her awesome personality, reflects her sick sewing talent, and completely captures the spirit of why I sew and quilt. For Keeps is all about why we sew – making things to share and enrich our loved ones’ lives.


As soon as I got a copy, I devoured the gorgeous pictures and loved reading all of the great tips that she works into the book. I love that quilters can sew for years and there is still so much to learn. She suggests glue blasting, which sounds super scary to me, but I am going to go for it. I already have some projects on my to do list. The hand sewn hexagons for the cover quilt, Popped, will be my road trip project next month, and I can already picture Stargazer on my bed this winter.



Amy, because she is awesome, also has a pledge that ties in with her book. It isn’t as much of a pledge to do something new, but a reminder to us all to really focus on the most important reason to sew and create – to bring our families together with our projects. You can read all about it here. It is a nice reminder, a really nice reminder.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 6.09.47 PM  Happy sewing!


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