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Happy Valentine’s Day! I am so excited to share the quilt I made for Lucky Spool’s newest book, Scraps Inc., Vol 2. It was such a thrill to be asked to contribute to this book, which is a compilation of quilts from some seriously amazing designers. As a way to celebrate the book’s release, Lucky Spool is offering a 30% off code if you want to buy it now AND I get to give a copy away of the book for free! Whoop whoop! Leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner on February 19, 2016.


Here is the link to purchase the book!

And here is my contribution to the book! I love this scrap buster. It can be easily modified to any size.


Lunden Designs




Happy sewing and good luck with the give away!




  1. I have really enjoyed this blog hop showing off all the great quilts in this new book! Now I just need to get some more scraps so I can make all these great quilts!! 🙂

  2. This looks like an awesome book. Thanks for contributing.

  3. What a fantastic book!

  4. Beautiful quilt! And this book looks very inspirational.

  5. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. And congrats on having some of your work included. I love that quilt design! It looks like it would be good to try for a beginner quilter.

  6. I love your quilt! Scraps, Inc. vol 1 is my fav, so I’m definitely going to have to get a copy of volume 2!

  7. This book looks amazing, love all the quilts!

  8. I love this quilt! This book looks more and more like a must have!

  9. Winning the book would be lovely, but I think I’ll end up owning it one way or another. So many great, fresh looking quilts in it. Congratulations on being included.

  10. This is a must=have book. I already own Volume 1 and Volume 2 will join it soon.

  11. I love this book!!! great quilt!!!

  12. This book would help me cut into my stash–so many great patterns.

  13. I think your’s might be the first quilt I make out of the book! I love the first Scraps Inc book and I can’t wait to add this one to my collection!!!

  14. Cute quilt I love the grey background!

  15. I love that you don’t need a whole lot of scraps to make this. Great for some leftovers with fabric you love.

  16. Your quilt is great! I love the gray background.


  18. I love your quilt! I hope to get my hands on this book soon. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. I love your quilt! With so much background the colors and design really pop!

  20. love the minimalist feel of your quilt. thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I love your quilt! I’m super excited about this book, and it’s definitely on my wish list! I’d love to win a copy!

  22. I love your quilt! I have never had much luck with scrappy. I just can’t seem to let go. I overthink it too much. This book might help. I do think I could make your quilt scrappy. It has alot of background to calm things. Thank you for the giveaway. timewilltell63 at yahoo dot com

  23. Love your quilt!

  24. I would love to make your quilt. I n e e d this book!

  25. I love the first volume of this book and this one looks amazing too! I love scrap quilts, and think yours is so modern and cool.

  26. What a lovely quilt! I love your quilt from the first volume, too. It’s been on my to-make list for a while. 🙂

  27. This has bee Avery enjoyable blog hop! Thank you for sharing.

  28. Very pretty quilt! Looks like a great book!

  29. Love the low volume feel of your quilt. The book looks fascinating too.

  30. I love this quilt and this book! Love the grey background!

  31. Your quilt is wonderful. I love the grey background. I have been using grey more and more. It works well as a background. This book will be a must by for the year if I don’t win one.

  32. Love your scrap quilt. This would be a useful book to have!

  33. Your quilt looks awesome. Some of the quilts in the book look great

  34. I’ve really enjoyed looking at the contributions to Vol.2 and I am definitely going to purchase this book. I have a lot of scraps and I have gotten so many ideas from all of these gorgeous examples!!

  35. Love your quilts! Just beautiful!

  36. Love your quilt! So many possibilities!

  37. I must have missed the first volume – but I’m glad there’s another book out dedicated to using up my fabric ‘orphans’. Your quilt design is so striking- what fabric did you use for the background?

    • I used Birch’s Shroom. xo

  38. Melissa, I love it! Reminds me of well trimmed arched eyebrows:)
    It’s truly beautiful bunch of scraps w/the grey background.
    Finally I have scraps and a stash, so I’m all set for Scraps Inc, Vol. 2
    Thank you so much for sharing and it’s cool that you adapted it for any size quilt.

    • Love it!

  39. I like the relative unbusyness of this.

  40. I love your quilt! I think it’s my favorite out of all the ones I’ve seen so far. Those chevrons are so cool. I think a quilt like that would look very good in my house. The quilting really goes well with the design, too. I think I would buy the book just to get the pattern to make this quilt.

    • Congratulations Veronica! I will email you privately to get your mailing address.

  41. Love your quilt and so excited about this book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Such a creative example of how small scraps can be used to make a stunning quilt!

  43. This book has so many beautiful quilts. Very inspirational!

  44. Hello-
    I think your quilt is adorable. Reminds me of the french accent we put above some letters…a circonflexe, which goes over vowels…anyway, it is cute! thanks

  45. Beautiful quilt and the book looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. beautiful quilt! love how the colors pop against the quiet background.

  47. All the quilts inspire! Gray is my favorite neutral.

  48. There are some lovely quilts in this book. I hate wasting any fabric, so accumulate a lot of scraps. Using them is a priority this year.

  49. I love Vol. 1. I’m sure the quilts and ideas in Vol. 2 will be as great!

  50. I love all the quilts in this book. So gorgeous!

  51. The gray sure make the colors pop. You all are so creative and talented. I know I need the book to reduce my scraps and expand my quilt g skills. Thank you!

  52. I loved the first book and can’t wait for the second one!!

  53. I love ideas for using up scraps. The solid background and bits of scraps do make a lovely quilt.

  54. That’s a beautiful quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  55. Love your design with such striking colors!

  56. Beautiful quilt. Awesome book. Congrats!

  57. Thank You for the chance to win! I love your quilt the simplicity is perfect!

  58. Your quilt is awesome! I love that it doesn’t use big chunks of fabric (well, other than the background). Most of my scraps are pretty small!

  59. Lovely quilt – great choice of fabrics!

  60. Love your quilt, this book looks fantastic!!

  61. This is a beautiful quilt; thanks so much for sharing!

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