By Sea or By Land and Star Gazer Quilt Patterns

By Sea or By Land and Star Gazer Quilt Patterns


  1. Any chance of stargazer templates being available? This adorable pattern deserves tool for success-my very experienced piecing abilities are very challenged with this block:-( I think it’s die to the template making scenario. Please say yes!

  2. My son & daughter in law love the stargazer pattern.I would be making a queen size quilt.Is there a way to make or buy the template larger or would the original size work okay this large.
    also my neighbor and very accomplished quilt teacher does not recommend I try this pattern

    • I am now in the process of making the stargazer quilt.Before I get to far,am wondering the best way to iron the seams.Not sure if I understand competely.Says to press to one side?I am trying to find the tutorial I had seem in Jan,but can’t locate it on the internet.Thanks,Linda in N Conway NH

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