By Sea or By Land and Star Gazer Quilt Patterns


  1. Any chance of stargazer templates being available? This adorable pattern deserves tool for success-my very experienced piecing abilities are very challenged with this block:-( I think it’s die to the template making scenario. Please say yes!

  2. My son & daughter in law love the stargazer pattern.I would be making a queen size quilt.Is there a way to make or buy the template larger or would the original size work okay this large.
    also my neighbor and very accomplished quilt teacher does not recommend I try this pattern

    • I am now in the process of making the stargazer quilt.Before I get to far,am wondering the best way to iron the seams.Not sure if I understand competely.Says to press to one side?I am trying to find the tutorial I had seem in Jan,but can’t locate it on the internet.Thanks,Linda in N Conway NH

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