Free Projects and Tutorials

Looking for some free projects and tutorials? Well then, you came to the right place! Scroll down for links to all of my projects. Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

1. Christmas Stockings

2. Quilted American Flag

3. Messenger Bag

4. Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial

5. Toddler Bedding

6. Market Purse

7. How To Machine Applique

8. Five Points Quilt Tutorial

Part 1

Part 2

9. Straight As An Arrow Quilt Tutorial

Straight As An Arrow quilt tutorial

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  1. Making the stargazer quilt. Template has the grain line but then pattern says to cut to fit fabric?? 1/3 yard doesn’t allow for keeping on grainline. I’m assuming I need to just fit as best as I can. Is this right? I know sometimes you can get away with that. Is this pattern that. Or does it need to be on the grainline period? Marking, haven’t cut yet. Trying to figure how I’m getting 8 out of 1/3 yard.

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