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Working with different magazines is one of my favorite things to do. I jump at the chance to work with gorgeous fabrics and design fun projects.  I am a regular contributor to Modern Patchwork, Quilt Trends, Sew It Today, and Quilt It Today.

Below is a list of some of my magazine contributions and links to the magazines.

Quilty Magazine March -April 2014 Issue

Another Charley Harper quilt. Man, that collection is just gorgeous.


International Quilt Festival Quilt Scene Fall 2013/2014

My Charley Harper quilt was featured on the cover. It was a huge honor.

International Quilt Scene

Sew It Today – Issue 8

Charley Harper tote bag

Snow Birds Tote

Quilt Trends Winter 2014

Wings quilt

Quilt Trends – Spring 2013


Sew It Today – Issue 3

Quilt Trends – Fall 2012

Quilt Trends – Spring 2012

I was so excited to have Elephant March on the cover.

Quilt Trends Spring 2012





  1. Hi – I love the Harper quilt in intl quilt fest mag. Can u tell me which Harper fabrics u used? It’s hard to see if u used 9, 10, or some of all the fabrics. I can see most of them, but hard to see all and I want to make it just like u did.


  2. I can not find the free pattern for the quilt “bossa nova” which was published in the Spring Issue 2014 Quilt Trends Magazine.

    Thank You

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